Web-based Commercials for Small Businesses

We Specialize in Web-based Commercials
Featuring Company Owners or Spokesperson

Creative & Production Elements Include:
Professionally written Copy for Video
Scripted Storyboard with Graphic & Text placement
Professional Performance Rehearsal & Coaching
Location Scouting & Staging/Framing Selection(s)
Art Direction & Props for effect as needed

On-set “Performance Coaching”
We Provide Camera, Lighting, Sound Equipment for Shoot
We will Shoot Additional Product Shots or Inserts as needed

Post-Production Process Elements Include:
Editorial Finishing
View & Mark Select Takes / Edit Rough Cut of Video
Edit in Graphics, Text, B-Roll, Audio Cue Elements,
Music Elements as necessary to finalize each individual production
Client Approval of Video & Deliver Final Cut Master to Client

SMB Video Launch Special Pricing
$1500 complete for a One-Minute Video
(Includes 10 second “End Card”)

 (Package Pricing is Available on a Per-Client Basis)
$3495 complete for 3 One-Minute Videos
(Includes 10-second “End Card” per video)

“We’ll make your business look great on Video!”

It's Time to Tell Your Story on Video

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